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W R Meadows Rezi Weld LV State


W R Meadows Rezi Weld LV State – PDF

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W R Meadows Rezi Weld LV State

Ultra-Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy

W R Meadows Rezi Weld LV State is an ultra-low viscosity, two-component, 100% solids, rapid setting, epoxy-based, structural injection resin. It is a solvent-free, low odor, high strength, high modulus, moisture-insensitive, ultra-low viscosity epoxy resin system. REZI-WELD LV STATE resists most chemicals and forms a structural, monolithic bond with typical concrete. Its low surface tension facilitates deep penetration into hairline to medium-sized cracks. The 100% solids formulation is volumetrically stable, ensuring a solid bond to both sides of the crack.

Rezi-Weld LV State Uses:

REZI-WELD LV STATE is designed for gravity feeding or pressure injecting. It is available in two cartridge sizes for ease of use. It is also available in bulk units and maybe injected using two-component metering pumps. It is suitable for injecting fine, non-moving structural cracks in concrete and wood for long-term repairs. REZI-WELD LV STATE makes an economical, easy-to-use epoxy mortar for patching or repairing defects in concrete substrates.


  • Ultra-low viscosity is ideal for pressure injection and gravity feeding.
  • Advantageous as a low viscosity, epoxy adhesive binder.
  • Bonds cured concrete to wood, steel, or plastic concrete.
  • Combines with aggregate to form an interior, non-skid topping.
  • Resists industrial chemicals, as well as impacts and attacks from moisture.
  • Features low-viscosity, high-modulus, high-strength, self-leveling characteristics.
  • Furnished in two convenient cartridge sizes.

6.1 Oz. (180 mL) Cartridges
16 Oz. (475 mL) Cartridges
3 Gallon (11.4 L) Units
15 Gallon (57 L) Units

One gallon (3.8 L) neat covers approximately 85 -100 ft.2/gal. (2.1 – 2.7 m2/L), depending on surface porosity and end-use application. One gallon (3.8 L) mixed 1:1 with dry aggregate yields approx. 350 in.3 (5735 cm3) of the grout.

Two years in unopened containers and cartridges when stored between 50º – 95º F (10º – 35º C).


  • ASTM C 881-99 Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 1, Classes B & C
  • AASHTO M 235 Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 1, Classes B & C
  • Various departments of transportation approvals

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