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W R Meadows Air Shield LT


W R Meadows Air Shield LT – PDF

W R Meadows Air Shield LT

Self-Adhering Air/Vapor and Liquid Moisture Barrier

W R Meadows Air Shield LT self adhering air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier is part of a total W. R. MEADOWS system to complete the building envelope.  It is a roll-type product that is nominally 40 mils thick. The membrane’s controlled thickness is fabricated from cross-laminated polyethylene bonded to specially modified asphalt.

This unique, self-adhesive membrane, protected by a special release paper, is strong and durable. It remains flexible when surface mounted and will adhere to most primed surfaces at minimum temperatures of 40° F (4° C).   The membrane provides excellent protection as a tough barrier that won’t shrink, sag, dry out, crack, or rot. It offers excellent resistance to punctures during installation. AIR-SHIELD can also be used as a transition membrane to provide protection against water infiltration in critical detail areas, such as window and door openings, deck-to-wall intersections, corner boards, wall-to-wall tie-ins, foundation sill plates, sheathing panel seams, under stucco finishes, masonry walls, and other non-roof detail areas.

AIR-SHIELD is packaged in rolls of 38.5″ (.97 m) x 75′ (22.86 m).  AIR-SHIELD can also be cut to desired width.

Optional sizes include:
Item                                             W.R. Meadows Part No.
Air-Shield 40 Mil 4 in. x 75'               5115204
Air-Shield 40 Mil 6 in. x 75'               5115206
Air-Shield 40 Mil 9 in. x 75'               5115209
Air-Shield 40 Mil 12 in. x 75'             5115212
Air-Shield 40 Mil 18 in. x 75'             5115218
Air-Shield 40 Mil 24 in. x 75'             5115224
Air-Shield 40 Mil 38-1/2 in. x 75'       5115075

AIR-SHIELD should be stored palletized and protected from rain and/or physical damage. Do not store at temperatures above 90º F (32.2º C) for extended periods of time. Do not leave membrane exposed to direct sunlight. Do not double-deck pallets.  Store away from sparks or flames. Outdoors, store AIR-SHIELD on pallets and completely cover.

AIR-SHIELD self-adhering air/vapor and liquid moisture barrier is designed for a variety of uses.

Primary applications include cavity wall and masonry wall construction. AIR-SHIELD works equally well as an air and/or vapor barrier on precast concrete, cast-in-place concrete, masonry (concrete block), interior and exterior gypsum board, Styrofoam, primed steel, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, primed galvanized metal, drywall, and plywood.

Exceeds the requirements of the Massachusetts Commercial Energy Code for Building Envelope Systems.

  • Meets CAN/CGSB-51-33, Type I Water Vapor
    Permeance Requirements.
  • ABAA Section 07261 Self-Adhering Air and Vapor Barrier Specification


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Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 in

12in x 75', 18in x 75', 24 in x 75', 38.5in x 75', 4in x 75', 6in x 75', 9in x 75'