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Stabila LAX 300G Laser


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Stabila LAX 300G Laser

Stabila LAX 300G Laser - Be more efficient and productive with the levelling and alignment features of the LAX 300. You can level and plumb, the floor, walls and ceiling with one setup. This makes life so much easier during construction and renovation. The LAX 300 is built tough and accurate so that you're assured the laser will stay precise even under harsh working conditions. This makes the LAX 300 an all-in-one solution for a whole range of applications.
  • Self-leveling cross line plus plumb point laser for working directly on the laser lines
  • 1-horizontal line, 1-vertical line, plumb-line dots upwards and downwards, visible up to 20 m
  • The vertical line almost covers the entire room

Application examples

  • In drywall construction – suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls, fitting U-profiles, and transferring layouts from the floor to the ceiling.
  • In electrical installation work – fitting and aligning electrical installations.
  • For tiling work – marking out the tile layout.
  • In window fitting – for leveling the window height.
  • For joinery – construction of kitchen cupboards, aligning the worktops.


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Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in