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Prosoco Sure Klean White Scum Remover


Prosoco Sure Klean White Scum Remover SDS

SureKlean White Scum Remover

Prosoco Sure Klean White Scum Remover-

Prosoco SureKlean White Scum Remover removes salt scums (carbonates and sulfates) from clay brick and tile surfaces. Properly applied, this blend of inorganic and mild organic acids and special wetting agents and inhibitors safely and easily removes salt scum without discoloring or altering the surface. White scum (insoluble salts) is a thin film of hard white/gray deposits formed on the face of the brick or tile. White scum is not the water-soluble, white efflorescence that can normally be brushed away or easily washed off the surface with standard cleaners or a proprietary Sure Klean® cleaner. White scum is insoluble in water and most acid cleaning solutions.


• Removes tough insoluble salts quickly and easily.

• Water rinsable.

• Corrects staining conditions from improper cleaning.

• Restores natural color to masonry surfaces that have a "washed out" dull appearance.


• Not for use on concrete, cementitious surfaces, stucco or natural stone. White Scum Remover is for use on clay brick and tile surfaces only.


Sure Klean® White Scum Remover is corrosive, etches glass and architectural aluminum and is harmful to wood, painted surfaces and foliage. Protect people, vehicles, property and all non masonry surfaces including metals, architectural aluminum and glass, from the cleaner, residue, fumes, rinse water and wind drift. Protect or divert traffic if necessary. When working over traffic, clean only when traffic is at a minimum.

For more information please read the Product Data Safety Sheet.

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Weight40 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in

5-Gallon, case of FOUR, 1-gallon containers