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Prosoco Sure Klean Ferrous Stain Remover


Prosoco Sure Klean Ferrous Stain Remover – PDF

Prosoco-SK Ferrous Stain Remover

This product is sold in a case of FOUR, 1-gallon containers.

Prosoco Sure Klean Ferrous Stain Remover

Prosoco-SK Ferrous Stain Remover (Sure Klean) is a specialty masonry cleaning product that effectively removes iron, manganese, vanadium, straw stains, acid burns, and other metallic discolorations from brick, stone, and masonry surfaces.

First off, many staining conditions are created by excessive moisture in the walls. To avoid this, protect open wall cavities from rainwater during construction and correct any structural problems that let water enter the walls.

New masonry cleaning is most effective within 14 to 28 days of installation. However, please note that letting excess mortar and grout for longer will result in a more difficult clean down and may cause more severe metallic staining.


• Prosoco-SK Ferrous Stain Remover Removes tough metallic stains quickly and easily.

• Although it is a powerful concentrate; it is also flexible with dilution.

• Also, this is water-rinsable.


• Contains ingredients which may bleach colored mortar and some brick units. Always test dilution rates.

• Acidic contents and fumes may damage non-masonry and acid-sensitive surfaces.

• Not recommended for interior use.

• Finally please ensure that you are following your states and districts' VOC regulations first before application.

Safety data sheet for Prosco-SK Ferrous Stain Remover, (Sure Klean).

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Weight40 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in