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Prosoco Sure Klean 101 Lime Solvent


Prosoco Sure Klean 101 Lime Solvent PDF

SureKlean Lime Solvent 101

This product is sold in a case of FOUR, 1-gallon containers.

A concentrated cleaner for new masonry- Prosoco Sure Klean 101 Lime Solvent

SureKlean Lime Solvent 101, is a concentrated acidic cleaner for dark-colored brick and tile surfaces that are not subject to metallic oxidation. Safely removes excess mortar and construction dirt.

SureKlean Lime Solvent 101 ADVANTAGES

• Removes construction dirt and excess mortar with a simple cold water rinse.

• Removes efflorescence from new brick and new stone construction.

• Safer than muriatic acid on colored mortar and dark-colored new masonry surfaces.

• Proven effective since 1954.


• Not generally effective in the removal of atmospheric stains and black carbon found on older masonry surfaces. Use the appropriate Sure Klean®restoration cleaner to remove atmospheric staining from older masonry surfaces.

• Not for use on polished natural stone.

• Not for use on the treated low-E glass; acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing; and glazing with surface-applied reflective, metallic or other synthetic coatings and films.

Surface and Air Temperatures

Best air and masonry temperatures for cleaning are 40° F (4° C) or above. Cleaning when temperatures are below freezing or will be overnight may
harm masonry. If freezing conditions exist before application, let masonry thaw first.


Apply with low-pressure (50 psi max) spray or densely-packed, soft-fibered masonry washing brush. Do not atomize. Do not apply with pressure spray above 50 psi. This drives the chemicals deep into the surface, making complete rinse difficult.

Use acid-resistant rigging and safety equipment. Test spray equipment for compatibility and to avoid discoloration.

To find out more about this product, however, please read the product datasheet, found here.
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Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in
'1-Gallon'-Case (FOUR jugs in one case)

5-Gallon, A Case of 4, One Gallon Jugs.