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Prosoco R Guard Vapor Barrier 5 gallon


Prosoco R Guard Vapor Barrier 5 gallon SDS

Prosoco R-Guard Vapor Barrier

Prosoco R Guard Vapor Barrier 5 gallon is part of the family of PROSOCO R-Guard® products developed to prevent the unwanted movement of water and air through building envelopes. Utilize R-Guard VB as the primary air barrier over above grade exterior wall assemblies prepared with R-Guard Joint & Seam Filler and/or R-Guard FastFlash®.


  • Reduces condensation and energy loss causedby air leaks through the wall assembly.
  • Minimizes risk of water damage to sheathingand associated repair or replacement costs.
  • Prevents passage of liquid water and water vapor.
  • Cost Effective – fast and easy installation reduces labor costs.
  • No air leakage or water intrusion between the sheathing and R-Guard VB – stable under air and wind pressure loads.
  • Seamless – no tears, holes, or improperly lapped joints to compromise performance.
  • Combines the durability and flexibility of a rubberized coating with the speed and ease of a water-based, fluid-applied application. Won’t tear or lose effectiveness when exposed to weather during construction.
  • May be exposed to weather for up to 6 months without compromising performance.
  • Saves Time – single component is easy to install with conventional spray equipment. Long pot life. Water cleanup.
  • Simplifies inspection and quality control.
  • Low odor and non-toxic. Complies with all VOC regulations.
  • Compatible with most paints, sealants and coatings.

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Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 in

5 Gallon, 55 Gallon