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Prosoco R Guard Fast Flash


Prosoco R Guard Fast Flash – masonry supplies cincinnati ohio

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PROSOCO R-Guard® FastFlash® is a waterproofing, adhesive and detailing compound for air barrier applications that combines the best characteristics of silicone and polyurethane. This single-component, Silyl-Terminated-Polymer (STP) is easy to gun, spread-and-tool, or roller apply to produce a highly durable, seamless, elastomeric flashing membrane. Allows for same day installation of windows, doors and other wall assembly, waterproofing or air barrier components. Suitable for all climates, FastFlash® bonds directly to damp or dry surfaces and cures under a variety of weather conditions. It dramatically reduces surface preparation time by eliminating the need for reinforcing tapes at sheathing joints, inside and outside corners. It simplifies the process of producing watertight details in new or existing construction.
Use FastFlash® as part of a continuous, building wide air barrier system, or to complement conventional waterproofing or air barrier components. Use FastFlash® to adhere, transition and counter-flash R-Guard SS ThruWall or other through-wall sheet flashing.

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Weight38 lbs
Dimensions13 × 10 × 8 in

Case of 20