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Prosoco Enviro Klean Safety Peel 1 (5-gallon)


Prosoco Enviro Klean Safety Peel 1- PDF

Prosoco EnviroKlean Safety Peel 1

Prosoco Enviro Klean Safety Peel 1

An Environmentally Responsible Paint Remover

Prosoco Enviro Klean Safety Peel 1 Gal, is a solvent paste with a mild citrus odor that contains no methylene chloride or methanol. Designed for the removal of paint, graffiti, and clear coatings, This paste is a slow-working paint remover. Although slow, usually just one application dissolves multiple layers.

This product reduces environmental and applicator risks associated with the use of conventional chemical paint removers. If used properly, Safety Peel 1 substantially reduces the volume of waste. Potentially hazardous paint solids are trapped in the semi-dry paste, which is then “peeled” from the surface, simplifying containment and disposal.

Each 5-gallon pail of Enviro Klean Safety Peel1  includes a 10- pack of Enviro Klean® OverCoat®. This specially designed protective paper film is used to cover applications of the paste paint stripper. OverCoat® keeps the paste moist, increasing paint-removal effectiveness. The paper also protects the paste and passersby from incidental contact.

Prosoco EnviroKlean Safety Peel ADVANTAGES

• Firstly, it is ideal for lead-based paint abatement; simplifies containment and disposal.

• Contains no methylene chloride or methanol.

• Mild citrus odor; suitable for interior or exterior.

• Also, suitable for trowel or spray application.

• The ability of its slow drying improves removal efficiency– remains active for up to 12 hours when uncovered, and up to 24 hours when used with Enviro Klean® OverCoat®.

• The product's paste consistency adheres to vertical surfaces and prevents airborne lead particles.

• Lastly, you want to rinse with cold or hot water. No surface neutralization required.


• However, it is important to note that it may not effective for the removal of some paints. Always test.

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Weight49 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 in