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Plugging Chisel 10 inch BL576


Plugging Chisel 10 inch

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Plugging Chisel 10 inch

This traditional English patterned plugging chisel is forged from the finest tool steel, well tempered, properly balanced for a comfortable hold. The 4-1/2 In. blade is angled to cut through mortar to clean out mortar joints for tuckpointing and repair work. Mason's will find the 6 In. handle provides a comfortable grip. The handle provides a solid base to strike with a hammer. The chisel is painted for longer wear. Overall the tool is 10 In. long. Proudly made in the USA. WARNING: Always use proper eye protection with chiseling.

  • Forged from well tempered tool steel for strength
  • Tapered blade cuts through mortar to clean out joints
  • Solid end base for striking with hammer
  • Painted for longer wear
  • WARNING: Always use proper eye protection when chiseling

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 6 in


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