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Mortar Net Block Flash


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Mortar Net Block Flash

**BlockFlash™ is a complete, embeddable flashing solution for managing moisture in exterior single wythe CMU walls.  It uses patented flashing pans to collect moisture in the wall and channel it to the exterior through integrated weep spouts.  Its included drainage mesh provides hundreds of clear pathways for water to flow around mortar droppings inside the block cells so it can be collected by the pans.

**Formerly known as “Blok-Flash”

BlockFlash™ Features

  • Pans, integrated weep spouts, and connector bridges made from high-density polypropylene
  • All 7″ x 14″ drainage mats made of 90% open-weave polyester mesh
  • Factory-installed 90% open-weave polyester mesh insect guards keep insects out of the block cells
  • Available for 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ standard or insulated concrete masonry units
  • Snap-off connector bridge allows fast and easy pan installation in reinforced wall systems and at corners
  • Integrated alignment lip on weep spout makes it fast and easy to accurately align flashing pans with block face
  • Drip spouts include a 45-degree drip edge to deflect moisture away from the wall and help prevent watermarks and efflorescence
  • Sloped pans with integrated edge flanges catch and funnel water to the weep spouts


BlockFlash™  available in 6", 8", 10", and 12"


  • Complete flashing solution requiring no additional components
  • Lightweight, fast, and easy to install
  • Requires no fasteners or adhesives
  • Applicable in all CMU wall flashing locations, including the base of the wall, parapet walls, and above bond beams, wall openings, and structural steel members
  • Cuts labor and material costs associated with using membrane flashing in a multi-wythe course by approximately 50%
  • Eliminates the need for multiple architectural CMU sizes typical with through-wall flashing
  • Helps prevent costly call-backs and repairs due to damage caused by moisture in the block cores
  • Helps protect builders and designers from legal issues resulting from moisture damage
  • Helps prevent mortar damming and provides multiple pathways for water to flow to the flashing pan and out the weeps
  • Insect guard prevents damage related to insects entering the wall through the weeps
  • Maintains 1″ mortar bond between courses and provides a flexural bond strength 10-times stronger than standard through-wall membrane flashing for greater wall integrity
  • Will not degrade, oxidize, or react with other common building materials
  • 40% pre-consumer recycled content of pans and drainage mat helps with LEED certification
  • Lightweight and compact shape means convenient shipping, handling, and storage

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Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 in

6", 8", 10", 12"