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EaCo Chem Cleansol BC


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EaCo Chem Cleansol BC

Cleansol BC deep cleans virtually all surfaces including painted metal, EIFS (or exterior insulation and finishing system, known also as synthetic stucco), vinyl, awnings, roofs, porous concrete, fiberglass, siding, and wood. Also, neutralizes acids (used in high-rise restoration prior to rinsing) to create a neutral over-spray.


EaCo Chem BC Features:

  • The manufacturer listed these factors:Advantages:
    • Brushless
    • Biodegradable
    • Super fast rinsing
    • Spot free drying
    • Safety on paint and glass
    • Rinse freely even if it dries on the surface


    • Does not remove deep black stains (use Britenol).
    • Polished aluminum could be whitened or browned (use Britenol).
    • Works equally well in hot or cold temperatures but should not exceed 120 Fahrenheit.