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ChemMaster Speedpatch

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ChemMaster Speedpatch

SpeedPatch is a cementitious mortar for repairs of holes, voids, and cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces. This proprietary blend of unique cement and admixtures produces a light concrete-colored mortar with an accelerated set and high early strength. SpeedPatch XL includes enhanced protection from damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles and deicing chemicals

SpeedPatch is formulated without added gypsum for enhanced durability and extended resistance to severe weathering and underground environments.


  • Above or below grade, interior or exterior, horizontal, vertical, or overhead repairs
  • Precast panels, steps, columns, and beams, concrete pipe
  • Construction faults informed walls, snap-tie or spreader holes, cracks, honeycombs
  • Curbs, walkways, handrails, cornices, lintels, sills


  • Eliminates forms for many vertical and overhead applications
  • Maybe shaved or molded to the contours of the surrounding surface
  • SpeedPatch XL has excellent freeze/thaw resistance for durability
  • The light concrete color blends well with many existing substrates
  • Minimizes downtime on restoration projects
  • Unlike gypsum-based products, the set time is not slowed as the product ages or at lower ambient temperatures



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