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ChemMaster Polyseal EZ Honey Brown

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ChemMaster Polyseal EZ Honey Brown

ChemMaster Polyseal EZ Honey Brown is a specialized concrete curing and sealing compound with Honey Brown tint, formulated to have unique bubble resistant qualities in high-temperature applications. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation resists bubble formation, stringing, and cob webbing, with a lower viscosity to promote increased penetration, absorption, and adhesion within concrete substrates. Polyseal EZ Honey Brown is non-yellowing, adds a light Honey Brown appearance, and creates a glossy finish that remains clear throughout its service life.


  • Cure or seal decorative concrete where superior curing efficiency, non-yellowing, and bubble resistance are required.
  • Seal, harden, and dustproof existing concrete, particularly architectural or residential concrete exposed to freeze-thaw or UV.
  • Enhance the color and provide the uniform appearance of dry shake hardened floors and stamped concrete.


  • Maximum resistance to bubble formation in high temperatures.
  • Protects concrete surfaces against deicing chemicals, fertilizers, salts, grease, oil, alkalis, mild acids, and detergents.
  • Minimizes spalling due to freeze-thaw cycle exposure, hairline checking, premature cracking, dusting, and other common defects which result from improperly cured concrete.
  • Seals out most construction dirt and stains, and prevents mortar, plaster, and concrete droppings from bonding to concrete surfaces.
  • Increased penetration and adhesion
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Weight48 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 16 in

5 Gallon Bucket