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Brixment Masonry Cement


Brixment Masonry Cement

 50 bags per skid

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i.pro BRIXMENT Masonry Cement is a prepackaged masonry cement meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM C 91. Essroc carefully selects and blends the raw materials and follows stringent quality control procedures in the manufacturing of i.pro BRIXMENT Masonry Cement. This attention to detail results in a superior performing masonry cement for use in mortar during construction and for long lasting, water-resistant walls. Types and Uses i.pro BRIXMENT is manufactured in three types: Type N, S and M. It is recommended to use Type N mortar for all masonry work unless there is a compelling reason to choose another mortar. ASTM C 270 provides recommendations for mortar choices.

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Dimensions40 × 48 × 36 in

Type N, Type S